JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY: Asarulislam’s Speech, excerpt from Manifesto


Complete Manifesto of Jannat Pakistan Party shall be posted on the site.

It includes ‘how’ we shall transform Pakistan into a Paradise of People in the light of Quran’s blessed manifesto. INSHA Allah (SWT)


22 thoughts on “JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY: Asarulislam’s Speech, excerpt from Manifesto

  1. Dear Sir!
    Kiya May Jaan Sakta Hoon Ap Ne Ye Hitler Ka Flag Kiyun Select Kiya Apni Party K Liye Flag to woh he hay Bus White circle may us nay Symbol bana rakha tha aur ab ne Bismillah Likha Hoa Hay?
    Asarulislam’s Response: Mein es ka jawaab eik lecture mein dun ga. In Sha Allah (SWT)

  2. Pakistan ki siyasat main apki shamooliyat yaqeenan Pakistani qoam k liye faidamand hogi……..ham bhi esi entizar main hain k koe aai aur hamain en mafad paraston say nijaat delai……magar ye dhek kar bohat afsos howa k aap jis mulk main inqelab lana chahtay hain aap us ki zubaan (Urdu) bolna pasand hi nahin kartay…hamain aik aur Jinah ki hargiz zaroorat nahin….hamain aik haqeeqi Pakistani inqelabi rehnuma ki zaroorat hai….jo hamain tamam masail k saath saath ghairon ki zuban say bhi nijaat delai…shukria
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Mere Bhai. Urdu Zuban meri Zuban hai par mein Amrika mein hun aur eik kathir taddad yahan par un nujawanon ki hai jo Urdu say Na Balad hein. Phir yeh bhi zaroori hai ke Islam ke muamelay min Ghalat Andeshi rakhne wale humara mua’qaf samjhe baghair hi mutnafar na ho jayein. Meri Angrezi mein ki hoi Taqareer ka maqsad Islam ke baray mein Ahl e Amrika aur Bartania ki Annkhein kholni hein. Humare Christian bhai Islam ke bare mein jo ghalat fehmi rakhtey hein un ka Izala bhi Zaroori hai.
    Aap meri Baqi ki Taqareer jo Urdu hi mein kyo nahi sun paye?.
    Aap ki Mufeed raye ka bahut bahut shukriya. Mein Aap ki traeef aur Tuseef kay liye, teh e dil say mamnoon e Ehsan hun. Jazak Allah (SWT)

    • ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Mere Bhai. Urdu Zuban meri Zuban hai par mein Amrika mein hun aur eik kathir taddad yahan par un nujawanon ki hai jo Urdu say Na Balad hein. Phir yeh bhi zaroori hai ke Islam ke muamelay min Ghalat Andeshi rakhne wale humara mua’qaf samjhe baghair hi mutnafar na ho jayein. Meri Angrezi mein ki hoi Taqareer ka maqsad Islam ke baray mein Ahl e Amrika aur Bartania ki Annkhein kholni hein. Humare Christian bhai Islam ke bare mein jo ghalat fehmi rakhtey hein un ka Izala bhi Zaroori hai.
      Aap meri Baqi ki Taqareer jo Urdu hi mein kyo nahi sun paye?.
      Aap ki Mufeed raye ka bahut bahut shukriya. Mein Aap ki traeef aur Tuseef kay liye, teh e dil say mamnoon e Ehsan hun. Jazak Allah (SWT)

  3. Dear Asarulislam,


    Principally I fully agree with your assertions and find them in conformity with QURAN. I pray to Allah (SWT) to bless you with the wisdom required to apply your knowledge to practical situation in PAKISTAN to fulfill your promises to Pakistani Nation successfully, which no doubt is an up hill task to accomplish. Everything noble with positive effort is achievable.Every dream can come true provided you have faith in what you say and make a sincere effort for its achievement. I am glad that you love your Nation. As long as your Nationalist sentiments doesn’t harm humanity they are praise worthy. It is natural to love your home. Please make Pakistani’s a proud and self respecting Nation.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Quran has taught us THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. We shall never have malice towards Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Ahmedis, Agnostics—any body. We love the Jew and the Gentile alike. But we shall defend Pakistan and we shall strike at the Sun if it insults us.

  4. My Dear Brother Dr. Asar Bhai,

    As I have said to you on more than one occasion I have a lot of respect and admiration for you and your cause. In addition to your cause, I also admire your bold and insightful interpretations of relevant Quranic themes and teachings. For example, I appreciate your following comments:

    (Dr Asar) – “The Lord of the Islamic State is referred to as Allah (SWT) (SWT).
    May Allah (SWT) (SWT) bless you for having such a keen eye on the Quran. What is promised as PARADISE in The Quran is the ISLAMIC STATE in this life from which the life of PARADISE of AFTERLIFE CONTINUES. The word for after life is Khalideena FEEHA. FEEHA means those who live in the paradise of this life shall then FROM ENTERING HERE, shall attain a life of Paradise.”


    (Dr Asar) – “Indeed it is only the attaining of Jannat of this world that leads us to Jannat of afterlife. Those who attain it here shall attain it in the hereafter. Khalideena FEEHA , it begins by ‘entering it in this life.”

    (Damon) – Innovative insights indeed. Although I personally focus on the Life Here and Now and do not go into the whole “Life After Death” subject, I still appreciate your views and insights.

    I had once made a statement to Areeba and another person that it is a shame that these people wish to argue with you about irrelevant and childish topics such as the Hijab issue when you are trying to pursue your goal and mission. I wish not to be guilty of engaging you in futile or frivolous discussions. However, in your response to Shabboo you made a comment that caught my attention…

    (Dr Asar) – “I think we Pakistanis are the best, most progressive people in the world. ”

    (Damon) – May I ask you how and why you have come to this conclusion? I ask this because such statements (in my humble opinion) can be tantamount to a form of “Nationalism” and Nationalism (as we all know) is one of the main culprits behind the division of Mankind and we as Quran Oriented students and activists are the ones who fight against ALL SOURCES of division among mankind, INCLUDING Nationalism.

    I am certainly not a Nationalist. I am a Human Being FIRST, a Momin SECOND and an American THIRD. But logically speaking, if we were to compare “conditions”, “living standards”, “education”, “social services programs”, “scientific and technological progress” between Pakistan and America, would not America win that comparison? Hands down I might add. The conditions and progress are a reflection of the attitudes and working standards of THE PEOPLE. So would not your statement appear false to an American or a Swede or an Englishmen or Dutchman or even a Japanese before the earthquake and tsunami ravaged the country of Japan?

    In fact, speaking of Japan, have you not noticed how orderly and civilized and “Dignified” they are still carrying themselves even while facing quite possibly the worse disaster in the history of that country? Notice the lack of rape, looting, random street violence and widespread chaos you would expect from a people in their situation. They are still cooperating with each other and working together for the common good of their people and their country. And they aren’t even playing the helpless victim card and begging the rest of the world to save them and rebuild their country for them. They have the fortitude and warrior spirit (Samurai Spirit as they would say) to rebuild their country.

    The way they are conducting themselves in their present situation and condition, can we say that The People of Pakistan would behave the same way and actually be honest by saying so?

    Mind you I am NOT comparing Pakistanis to Americans or Pakistan to America and I am full fledged AGAINST nationalism. I have Pakistani friends whom I would give my life for and yet I would not do the same for some of my own blood relations let alone for the sake of nationalism or “National Pride”.

    I only bring this up because such beliefs and statements can be the seeds from which sprout the “weeds” of non productive views and ways of thinking. And THAT can have a negative impact on all that you have worked for and accomplished so far.

    From one Quran Lover to Another 😀


  5. assalamoalaikum sir, i ws happily surprised to wtch this video….surely u ve strted a noble mission …..a mission to create peace,happiness n prosperity n im sure if u r determined, vll reach our goals soon n v ll b proud of calling ourselves pakistanies…..

  6. @iram – It is very sad that Iram has used such a dirty language. Remember Iram rule of life. GOOD WORDS COST NOTHING BAD WORDS CREATES ENEMITY. Learn how to behave in the society. You are not only representing yourself but infact you are representing the parents, society, and the nation. The one of the message of Dr Asar Ul Islam is Literacy EACH ONE TEACH ONE (Insha Allah (SWT)). I would like to advise you Think before you act. If you keep on continue this kind of attitude then your life will be in a state of miserable through out life. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE. May Allah (SWT) bless you. Ameen. Insha Allah (SWT), you will set up an example as a modest and more mature girl. According to Hazrath Ali: FORGIVENESS IS THE CROWN OF GREATNESS. I wish a very happy and prosperous life.

  7. @iram
    this is a Frustration,
    Pakistan people are suffering from it due to the people in power.
    But manners are taught every child to be patient and at least control on tongue.
    it is not your fault,It is the core problem of the world we are living today.
    This is the result of Being Muslim by birth but no knowledge of Islam,living under no system following Mullah blindly and democracy but ruled by lords under capitalism . specially in Pakistan.
    where the rule is Might is right.being a group of religion or cast.
    To be a Muslim is not a easy task it is climbing a steep mountain.
    your curse words are first resistance,there will time come where we may lost our lives and lost of wealth and families.
    Kindly amend yourself and ponder on the Al-Qurán you will see the clear picture.
    1st chapter is a divine system we need to follow it being Beneficent, kind with justice to keep balance in self and society.as per chapter Al-Rehman.
    2nd chapter is about the people in every society.
    1.Divine followers
    2.Divine deniers
    Then the result for the divine followers and the deniers and hypocrites.
    we are this time in the pakistan mixture of divine followers, deniers and hypocrites specially the people in power.
    At the moment the world is following Democracy under capitalism and communism
    and fighting each other.The pakistan is ally with democrats.
    Capitalism has the threat from communism and Islam by sects.being interest based
    The Al-Qurán gives a beautiful solution for the humanity to live in peace,being beneficent, kind with justice to keep balance being a person and nation.
    The method is Bismillah-AlRehman-AlRaheem.
    we recite every day before every good action and eating.where it means.
    Be kind towards the creation of Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) will be kind upon you.
    Our Allah (SWT) is Al-Rehman
    Our Messanger is Rehmat-ulilaalameen.
    and we ?
    Start from today be beneficent by morally,by wealth and by action towards humanity then surely you will receive it back the same as per Allah (SWT)’s words and sunnat which are not changeable.
    Every action taken by creations the result comes from Allah (SWT).
    Do good and have good.
    Or before using curse words please must recite Bismillah Al-Rehman,Al-Raheem.
    we need you and your support in this noble mission
    Kindest regards to you and to your family.

  8. Thank you very much sir,
    It’s clear now.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: You are welcome. Because of your intelligent questions others were able to learn too. Allah (SWT) has blessed you with a Qalb e Saleem.

  9. Here are my two cents.
    Allah (SWT) teaches through His message revealed to His messenger,which is preserved in the Holy Book Al-Qurán.
    Beginning with caution to humanity.
    The sources of all violation(Satan),which is the cause of distortion.seek refuge from it by the rules of Divine system(Billah).
    Begin with the Allah (SWT)’s name,Al-Rehman,Al-Raheem.
    By Following these divine codes in the daily lives,Al-Rehman(Be Beneficent,kind with justice to keep balance.(Ref Sura Al-Rehman)be provider or helping hand in providing
    it is the duty of every Muslim follow this command,in return the whole society will become provided(Al-Raheem)
    is a complete method for Aqeem-o-Salat and wa- tu- zakat.
    in between citizens and the state.
    First chapter is recited in every prayer which is actually a reminder for us to act accordingly.
    we read BismillahiRahmaniRaheem in the beginning of every good action but then forget the mission behind.
    The Land belongs to Allah (SWT).
    The resources will be provided by the state.in following basic necessities.
    Food.Clothing,Housing,Education,Health,Transport,Family,Helping hand,protection and management services and old age benefits.
    1.Every adult person He/She will be working according to His/Her abilities for providing or helping hand in provision.
    His/Her duties towards society,way of life,living and dying is the sake of Allah (SWT),which is the sustainer of the whole universe.as a beneficent,kind with justice to keep balance in self and society. and this is the foot step of The messenger Mohammad(saw)Following The Al-Rehman.
    2.Rewards will be paid accordingly to fulfill His/Her necessities.By Following The Al-Raheeem.
    3.What ever is surplus after fulfilling the all necessities He/She will give back to the central Authority.(By Following The Al-Rehman)
    4.The state will make arrangements to fill in the blanks where ever is needed for the needy people and for developments for the betterment of the society.(By Following The Al-Raheem)
    5.Land under control of the state,and state will provide land for living,working according to the profession and place for the rest after death to every citizen free.
    or developed with collectable developing charges.
    In every action and at every moment These two commands will be followed being person and society,for establishing the divine system and economic order in between state and citizens
    we have the duty for the sustaining for our family and we have given authority on this earth as a human being.
    So every human being has the right to use the land according to His/Her necessities.
    we are commanded to obey and with the help of these divine codes for in our daily life,for guidance of the smooth and straight path of life.
    which is the way of the blessed ones.
    The method is give and give the reward will be paid back by Allah (SWT) through the state.
    Let us put our lives in the way of Allah (SWT),in working,relations being beneficent,kind with justice to each other by morally,by wealth and actions.
    With kindest regards to every human being.

  10. Dr.Sb. Salam alaikum
    Please comment on question no.7 of Mr. Bob.
    Bob’s question was, “7: Where does Quran says that Free food, free shelter and comforts of life should be provided to each citizen?” The answer is : EVERYWHERE & THROUGHOUT. The Quran begins with Praising those who serve for the cause of the Lord , Sustainer, Provider… RaBulAaLiMeen and the Quran ends with RABBUN NAAS. On each page the Message is about restoring the LOST PARADISE to man.
    In any society, approximately 30 % of the people, or more, are dependent on the productive output of the remainder 70 %. Please see the I.Q curve.
    RAHMAN—The Power that provides food FREE in the mother’s womb. RAHEEM, the Power whose LAW provides food free equally to everybody, like in the mother’s womb. UMMAT= Mother, Imam= The leader that is equal to two mothers um, um.
    ISLAM is the system which the world awaits today.

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