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My Mission is to develop 100 leaders for Pakistan.  I am in search of 100 Pioneers, whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more; The Liberators, those to whom ‘freedom’ is the highest personal value and who wish to build Pakistan around their choice.           COME JOIN ME!

Pakistan Army Zindabad

Pakistan Army Zindabad

I want each of you to create your own ‘small army’ of 10-100 JOINERS.  I am in search of individuals who have conviction in the success of the ideology of unification of mankind, the ideology of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and Mohammed Sall Allah (SWT) o Elaihay Wassalam. None of these founded any religion.  They all established DEEN— A Government based on the Law of God. They were all ATHEISTS who BELIEVED in ONE GOD— The God Of One Law.  Pakistan’ founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah was also an ATHEIST who BELIEVED IN ONE GOD.  had the, a vision that we lost centuries ago when we entered the delusional world of becoming ‘five pillar worshipers’.

Asarulislam Syed MD

Asarulislam Syed MD

Zoroastrian mystics crippled The Muslim Nation with their perverted beliefs.  I will enable Pakistan Youth to see the vision and I promise to deliver them the hope which The Quran offers.  In words of Goethe, ‘Quran is an ever flowing river from which mankind took a cupful some centuries ago and was rejuvenated; the world was never the same again.’

The world needs a new ideology, a new dimension, a new hope.  The Quran shows you an undiscovered ideology for world Peace—-Sabeel Allah (SWT).

Rise and Unify Mankind

QURAN offers an entirely new paradigm, a premise so powerful, it answers the most important questions of all: How should wealth be distributed? Why do we exist? Why does the Universe exist? Are you one of those who are dissatisfied with the status quo of Pakistan and are in search of a vision to change Pakistan? JOIN ME.  I am in search of those who think they can do what others are afraid to do. Can you overcome your magical thinking? Can you overcome the force of Lethargy, The Satan that misleads you to the path of least resistance, the path of ritualistic worship?

MUSLIM WORLD IS FULL OF INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE INTELLECTUALLY STAGNANT and LAZY.  THE LAZY seek ‘short cuts’ of magical beliefs and fall for gambling. Gamblers need reassurance for their magical beliefs. ‘Ritualistic worship’ offers them a very reassuring delusional belief and they loose all touch with reality. Some gamblers read horoscopes and take them seriously.  Others go to astrologers. Others blame it on bad luck. Some are not lazy but are limited intellectually. A large number get fixated on the magical powers of ‘ritualistic worship’.


Worshipers of Fear

AN INEXCUSABLE DAMAGE is done to  children who grow in a culture of magical beliefs. Their mental development gets restricted and their faculty of reason intimidated by fear of heresy and blasphemy.  Do you realize how many Muslims live such unfulfilling lives? Can you count what humanity loses in the multitude of promising intellects who become timid characters because of being raised in a culture of imaginary Gods, taboos and ‘saviors’, who dare not follow any bold vigorous independent train of thought lest it would land them into something irreligious or immoral? Such timid characters end up hating the world and civilization. They worship their Fears.

Do you realize how destructive are Gods of Fear? Do you realize why Muslims have become a sick nation of Lepers?

I am in search of those who feel pain when any living being suffers. I love those who love to take challenges and risks and do not enjoy a lifestyle that insulates them.                                  I AM IN SEARCH OF 100 PIONEERS: JOIN ME

It was just ‘ 100 Pioneers’ that established the First Islamic State in Medina. They had Faith in the success of their ideology. They were motivated to rise as a nation.  These ‘Liberators’ were neither Christians nor Jews but were secular in spirit and thought: individuals who were free from all  pagan rituals of worship.

Islam's Parliament or MASJID

MASJID as Islam’s Parliament

Quran call them The Ummiyeen. Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) was one of them. These secular individuals founded a nation. The Quran honors that nation with the title ‘Umatun Wasta’: a nation whose strength is in diversity, an international nation, secular in spirit, balanced in Faith and God’s Authority. The Pioneers had Faith in the success of the Law of God, believed in equally sharing the joys of life between themselves and were committed to establish the Law of God through an army of volunteers who worked together as a team. They rectified worship, which had divided them for centuries. They gave a new dimension to worship by establishing the law of God and living dutifully not under a King but under ‘a rule of law’ free from the authority of Kings, Presidents, Mullah, Priests and Gurus. Because they used common sense, God enabled them to find their own path to success and prosperity. They believed in living for each other as dutiful law abiding citizens, under the law of God. Above everything else, they believed in accountability for actions to The Higher Power and acted responsibly. To become a nation they had to first liberate themselves from the demons of worship. Worship was their ‘sacred cow’ and they were told to slaughter it if they wanted to rise as a nation.

Their descendants, known in history as The Ummiyoons or UMMAYYADS, set out to liberate the world on the principle of secularism. Any wonder why they are still hated by the Pagan worshipers?

THE QURAN motivates you to LIBERATE YOURSELF from the shackles of religion. Can you turn to God and say ‘no’ to worship? Are you stuck behind the wall of fear? Do you want to continue living a life of quiet desperation, looking at the bricks?


STOP SACRIFICING YOUR SONS AND LAMBS AND COME FOR THE REAL SACRIFICE called “NATION BUILDING” through education.     This is the Message of Surah Al-Baqqara. Do not feel embarrassed.  Even Abraham had wrong assumptions about Sacrifice.

PAGAN ARABS had been living as tribal families or Qabilas. Each Qabila or tribe had its own Qibla or worship center.  There were hundreds of tribes and hundreds of Qiblas. Human beings have a deep appetite for superstition and magical beliefs. To quench this appetite, pagan Arabs had built ‘houses of worship’ everywhere. Each community or tribe had its own Qibla or worship center at its entrance.  A Qibla for each Qabila stood on ‘a water well’ and each tribe had its own ‘water well’.  SHARIA is the Arabic word meaning: The road to water well. They were divided over ‘wells’, fought with one another for centuries and became a mockery for the Superpowers, the Romans and the Persians.  To emerge as a nation, The Pioneers had to unite as one only by liberating themselves from the superstitious beliefs surrounding the Qiblas.

The pagan society was deeply cramped into all forms of superstitious beliefs of worship, no different from the Muslim world of today.

Ignorance Personified

Ignorance Personified

THE PIONEERS learnt from the Quran that in order to rise as One Nation they must  sacrifice their ‘Sacred Cow’.  This was hard.  The Pioneers learnt from the Quran that worship was a product of magical beliefs. The nation of Moses had created ‘short cuts of magical beliefs’ and was subjugated by The Pharaohs.  Any nation that creates ‘short cuts of magical beliefs’ turns into a nation of losers.  They suffer disorder, poverty and misery.  The Arabic word ‘Ijl’ means ‘a short cut’.  Al Baqara teaches us how Moses commanded them to first sacrifice their ‘sacred cow’. Indeed, this is the first step to rise as a nation.  Next it tells us how the Pioneers totally quit their affiliations with their worship centers. Can YOU do that?

THE PIONEERS realized how the sham of worship, an easy delusional belief, a ‘short cut’, an opium,  was the root of all evil. Quran taught them how Moses liberated his nation form worship.   Romans and Persians prospered.  Arabs lived in disgrace and humiliation.  They were either beggars or they were hijacking and looting caravans. But they choose to rise.

The Pioneers took upon themselves the responsibility to educate their people.   They delivered lessons of history to raise the self-esteem of their people. The vagabond wanderers were once upon a time the great nation of Abraham.  Pagan religion had for centuries encouraged the notion of ‘sacrifice’ to please Gods. Then there was no end to sacrifice.   Rituals of Worship, hard and strenuous exercises were just fundamentals of their practices to please God in expectation of miracles. Magical beliefs had swayed their nation away from the straight path of reason and success. They lived in a fanciful world of delusions.

IGNORANCE   prevailed    everywhere,   galore!

THEN 100 PIONEERS decided to build a NEW NATION. They quit attending the worship centers and challenged religion with irrefutable dictates of reason.  Their leader Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) had the vision to built a nation.   Quran gave the ideology. They must first liberate them from the shackles of ritualistic worship. The Quran taught them to focus on the model of Abraham (a.s).

ABRAHAM (a.s) is  model of courage who denounced the Gods of Worship. In 900 BC, as history says, he had emigrated from Ur, a city south of Baghdad to Mecca and established Peace through the law of God. He founded the City of Peace in Mecca on principles of equality and Justice.  Abraham’s model city became the role model of The Pioneers who like Abraham, challenged the authority of the priests with main and might.

Abraham's Family Temple at Ur, South of Baghdad

Abraham’s Family Temple at Ur, South of Baghdad

They were a minority, harassed and beaten, kicked and abused, boycotted socially and eventually forced to emigrate from their home lands but they understood the fraud of organized religion and refused to accept the pagan ideals of WORSHIP. In an age of ignorance they were the soldiers of Light. With Faith in the law of God they founded The First Islamic State in Medina based on the principles of equality and Justice. Within a century a little spark ignited a worldwide  fire of Liberty. The Ummiyeen ( known to history as The Ummayyads) were on the forefront, challenging religion, liberating the rest of the world from exploitation. The Kings sponsored The Holy Churches of Judeo-Christianity, Zoroastrianism and the Brahmins of Hinduism.  Mankind suffered and screamed painfully.  For centuries, fraudulent religion had promoted sons of God as ‘Saviors’,  with Brahmans and ‘Avatars’ who could perform miracles.

The Warriors of Light brought new awakenings.  Mankind woke up from a deep slumber to a Renaissance.

Pakistan today is no different. It is awaiting for the Warriors of Light. COME JOIN ME

If you are an individual who is frightened of new ideas, this website is not for you. I am in search of those who are frightened by old ones. If you love your life of quiet desperation, peeking through the other side but failing to dismantle the bricks, you can continue living a life of hell, buring in the fire of jealousy and misery.

I am in search of individuals who are not sleepwalkers and who will dare to question authority. I want you to read The Quran and see The Light, which has been deliberately kept away from you.  I am looking for individuals who are committed to achieve at least one goal in their lives even if it is individualistic and personal.

COME JOIN ME: Let us create our own ‘ One small Army’ in the cities we live in, an Army of Liberators committed to abiding by the laws of the lands, which we live in. Let us convene for a meeting.  Let us plan the next steps together. I will only show you how the Quran guides you.


I am in search of individuals who are brutally honest in their thinking.   Let us denounce all hero-worship, outgrow the Gods of Worship and unite to promote The Message of Justice and Equality through the law of God. Hero-worship divides a nation. Any Worship will always divide. Each worshipers worships ‘his own idea of God’. That is why Muslims have become a disgraceful laughing stock.  THINK! Be like ABRAHAM (a.s).  Challenge you father’s beliefs? Let us unite irrespective of the sectarian or political background from which were born into. This is the call of our times. Let us rise! Let us organize! JOIN ME

Our core belief is Islam: What does it mean?  It means World Peace, through equality and justice, based on the law of God. We celebrate our Faith and the beautiful ceremonial rite of our Faith. We desire to rise as One nation under the law of God. We salute the founder of Islam,  Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)  who gave mankind the only genuine ideology for peace in the world. We salute the founding fathers of Islam, from Abraham and Jesus, to Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) and his Comrades who established the first stateless and classless society in the recorded history of man. We salute the Liberator Muslims who have faith in The Quran and who are committed to establish the system of equal distribution of food, wealth and comforts of life, as laid down in The Quran. Such are the true believers in the law of God.


Islamabad Parliament

Whereas it is the will of the People of Pakistan to establish the law of God as an order, and whereas Islam is the name of the ‘The Accepted Order” for the system of government of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, We the Liberal Muslims of Pakistan, in order to secure the blessings of Liberty, Equality and Justice as delivered to mankind in The Quran, upholding our great principles of general welfare, celebrating all ceremonial rites of Islam, respecting the ceremonial rites of all world religions, declaring our absolute commitment to equality of all sexes with no discrimination based on gender, promoting equal rights for all irrespective of caste, color and creed, denouncing our past affiliations with religious sects and political parties, discarding all superstitious rituals and beliefs, declare our commitment to establish the true law of God, through representatives of the people of Pakistan and in accordance with the will of the people of Pakistan.

We are a team that is spread all over the globe, disunited and frustrated. We enjoy great solace in the lands we live.  We pledge allegiance to the Law and Constitutions of all foreign lands that have given us an abode, honoring us with their citizenship.  We pledge to to abide by all laws and Constitution of the blessed lands we live in.  We denounce ignorance and condemn all superstitious beliefs and rituals. We deplore and condemn all those who promote hatred and terrorism.

THE WRONG PEOPLE: I know very well that not everyone is a potential recruit for the cause of Pakistan or ‘The Islam of Liberty’. I know that not only are some people a poor match for this cause but also that some will do more harm than good.  I know very well that the wrong people will do nothing but drain my energy , distract me from what is important and may even try to influence me to give up.

THIS MESSAGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE NOR IS THIS MISSION  FOR EVERYONE.  It is ONLY for the Liberators: those who are free from the demon of ritualistic worship-,  with the gem of integrity ‘of the purest ray serene’— ‘The AL-MUTTAQEEN’.  The Quran too is a guidance,  for The Muttaqeen.

REMEMBER:  You will never rise in your life individually or as a Nation as a WORSHIPER unless you quit your superstitious beliefs.  BE BOLD, LET THE SKY FALL BUT QUIT WORSHIP.

سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ عَمَّا يَصِفُونَ



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  1. usman Ahmad sial says:

    salam my all members Allaha bless you and take care your self and if you want to Allaha,s help you must make an effort your self.plz touch the Quran and gain more knowledge from Quran Thank you

  2. Nauman says:

    Why is every one talking about “Quran” in Quaid e azam website. I dont think any of you know or even read about the father of our nation.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: We have a book titled ‘Speeches and Statements of Quaideazam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’. The book is in four volumes, each volume is 300 pages. There is hardly a page which does not refer to Quran, Muslims and Islam. These words occur so repeatedly. On this website you will find a lot of references to Quran because it is our Mission to liberate Islam from its wrongful interpretations. Jinnah had a deep and profound knowledge of Quran and was an Authority on Mohammedan Law of inheritance, divorce, family law. He is quoted in the Indian Law Libraries as a reference in cases where he presented Quran’s view point. It is a pity that Muslim youth do not know this fact.

  3. hafeez lal says:

    call me 03038707468

  4. hafeez lal says:

    assalam o alikum plz call me urgent my number 03038707468

  5. Peer says:

    You can achieve nothing with feudal system intact and now vaderas children have taken over the Home Department in Sindh and also in Islamabad. They are the most corrupt too. Each signature has to fetch them Rs. 5,000. Did the Muslims of India and Bengalis sacrifice their lives so that these handful vaderas and choudhries and sardars who had no role whatsoever in the independence movement, enjoy like nobody’s business? Manzil usko mili jo shareek e safar na tha. Mazay uda rahay hain. Two Nation Theory which was the basis of creation of Pakistan is totally forgotten.

  6. Zia ullah Khan Niazi says:

    Asalam o alykum
    Sir, today by chance I came on this site and realize that in this universe not only bad ideas spread but there are many best people like you who work in their best way for Islam. I feel proud to work with you, if you command me to do.

    1. Asar says:

      Niazi Sahib, You are one of us. Send me your phone number etc. Give me your talents and we shall join hands in this Mission of Liberty.

  7. Asarulislam says:

    Asarulislam, on being called a Hypocrite
    I was forwarded, by a worker of Jannat Pakistan Party, a link of a discussion forum, on Galaxy Dastak. It was indeed painful for me to read some comments about me on this forum.

    Some individuals suffer from, what Dr. Martin Luther King called, the Drum Major Instinct.
    Each of these critics has a desire to lead, to do what I am doing. They should join hands with me. They are welcome!

    My wife read these comments too and this is what she wrote to me.
    “When you set out for an unconventional journey you will attract attention and criticism. As you succeed in your quest, you can expect more of both. Some people enjoy nothing more than putting down winners. I call them ENERGY SUCKING VAMPIRES. They do not contribute anything positive to the world but they enjoy lashing out and attempting to suck the life away from other people. People who possess self confidence and focus are often labelled as hypocrites and arrogant by those who lack both self confidence and abilities to focus on a goal in life. Winners are viewed with suspicion because they “must have” taken something from someone else on their rise to the top. It is easier to bring winners down a notch than it is to rise to their level. These are beliefs of energy sucking vampires. When you start to attract vampires, CONGRATULATIONS. You are well on your way. The rest of us are counting on you so keep going.”
    I thanks Allah (SWT) that there are above twenty thousand members of Jannat Pakistan only face book today.
    I thank Nayla who wrote the above.
    We have been married 34 years and have immaculate careers as leading medical consultants. I have been serving for the past 11 years as a high ranking medical civil servant in the State of California. Instead of playing word-games, I chose to lead Mission Jannat Pakistan to establish The Original Islam in Pakistan. After years of struggle, I do not receive as many death threats from the fanatics any more. Yet some on your forum call me a hypocrite. This is out of a tragic prejudice, the most tragic expressions of man’s inhumanity to man.
    Respond to my arguments, brothers and sisters! Present your arguments?
    Asarulislam Syed MD
    Amir, Jannat Pakistan Party
    Head Office, 99 Mobi Plaza, Haider Road, Opposite Ciros Cinema, Rawalpindi

  8. KHAN says:

    OH common man we had enough politicians already. stop your drama now and if u had really that much knowledge of ISLAM then u don’t need to make a political party, deliver your speeches and people will come to you if you are that much good. I don’t know why would a man be so much interested in making the party for spreading ISLAM.
    You know what I think you are the PLAN “B” of US to destroy pakistan…
    I am not saying anybody to leave this party but don’t complain Allah (SWT) then for the whole nation destruction.
    The worst people are those who use the name Allah (SWT) and Islam for the fulfillment of their satanic dreams…

  9. usman ahmad sial says:

    Dr sb mara nam usman ahmad sial haa ma B.Com 1 year ka student huu maa naa app ke bhout se speeches suni haa Iam so impress but hamaa kaya karna haa ibtedaye stages per plzz hamma breif kara maa Pakistan Multan maa qurani system kaa hawala sa kam karna chata huu and i belive only only Quran.
    ASARULILSLAM’S REPLY: Jeetay Raho. Mein Aap ko phone Karun ga taa ke hum Multan ke liye Plan banayein. Jazak Allah (SWT)

  10. karman Gohir says:

    asalam o alykum. i am a student of law from karachi university and working in federal govt of pakistan and also study of HOly Qurran and also others islamic literature but i have so many question for real institution of islam, and i have attand many lactures and dars and just obsever that thay are making there sections. while the name of Qurran and sunna about 200 institution and academy working in karachi, but there is no any result in our city karachi.

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