Registration of Jannat Pakistan Party with ELECTION COMMISSION PAKISTAN

Please read the Constitution of Jannat Pakistan Party –> click  Constitution JPP

My Fellow Pakistanis:

Following your overwhelming support for my Mission  ‘100 LEADERS FOR PAKISTAN’ launched in 2009 and the subsequent idea of establishing a political party in Pakistan, we launched  Jannat Pakistan Party on March 23rd, 2011. Since then, I have received several E mails seeking further updates and I am honored to share this good news with you.

I have spent hours and hours in dialogue and written communication with several young leaders in Pakistan. We are  indeed finally moving towards the Registration of Jannat Pakistan Party with the Election Commissioners Office in Islamabad. The Party Flag,  a mandatory requirement of Pakistan Election Commission, was carefully sought to be attractive, eye-catching, and symbolic. Finally the design for ‘Inquilab Bismilla’ was launched by a young comrade in March this year. It goes well with the Party Manifesto, titled ‘Quran Badshah—Insha Allah (SWT).’ As some of you would know, Quran Al- HakeemQuran, ‘The Sovereign‘ was the original title of Our Great Manifesto in times of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)  but the Anti Quran conspiracy during Abbasid era,   belittled and maimed the word Hakeem to ‘Quran, the All-Wise’ making it perfect to suit the conjecture of mystics and worshipers.  From Badshah to Hakeem Ji was quite a demotion for Quran; likewise Momin, title of a Law Enforcement Officer of The Islamic State was demoted to being someone who was ‘a perfect worshipper.’ And The Imam, title for The Governor of a Province under Islam was demoted to  being ‘Imam Masjid leading the worship of the Faithful.’  This is how Islam was crucified and the religion of terrorism born.

Jannat Pakistan’s political Manifesto is in the final stages of its completion. During my February Live Webinar Lectures I elaborated the Manifesto in detail. It is currently being reviewed by the Party’s Central Council of Rashidoon.  The Manifesto shall fulfill God’s promise to man.  You all are welcome to be a part of us in developing it. Send me words, sentences, phrases etc.

The WWW.JANNATPAKISTAN.COM website is under construction. This site will enable thousands of  our party workers to register. It shall give all of you the opportunity to raise a local office and nominate yourself as candidates for your local constituencies by raising your own local team of 100 LEADERS. To give you all the necessary support, I as your Party leader shall resume my roaring ‘Quran & Pakistan’ lectures around August 2011. I promise you  success. For those who believe in the cause of Allah (SWT), that all human beings, Muslims, Christians, Hindus are equal, Quran promises to be  their guide for world domination  We The Jannatis promise to uphold the cause of Allah: to establish a government based on His Law whereby food, wealth and comforts of life shall be equally made available to everybody. There is no way we shall not triumph.  Remember: Allah (SWT) will bless you for trusting yourself. (Such self confidence and trust is called Eimaan)

On the death of Osama Bin Laden: God of the losers

Grossly filthy living style of Osama Bin Laden

Living style of Osama Bin Laden

Al-Qaida is a satanic organization that terrifies me. We know it is the headquarters of world’s greatest losers. It is a gang of fanatics who have no insight into reasons for Islam’s failure. They fail to understand why Muslims cannot rise as a progressive and prosperous free society.

They blame America. How has America failed them if at all, they will never ask.

I understand the collective humiliation that has been imposed on the Muslim world for the past 300 years. The expansion of Imperialists and military occupation throughout their lands is sadly a consequence of  their nations inability to manage  its own affairs. Muslims have failed  to thrive as a free society anywhere in the world. Retribution is the Law of God. When a nation repeatedly fails to rise; to evolve and to change for the better; and chronically fails to attain respect and prosperity as a nation, this phenomenon engenders more ignorance with its cycle of failure after failure and a very deep hatred.

Acts of terror are the response of the mad who cannot face reality.

Out of madness and hate an Osama bin Laden comes into being. He was to Al-Qaida what Adolf Hitler was to Nazi Germany, an ideological god of the losers. He became a personification of their irrational hate.  A deity. Hitler likewise promoted magical beliefs and had unrealistic ideals. Like Hitler, Osama himself was incapable of planning anything operational. His presence served a ‘spiritual’ role.  From his grossly filthy style of living, an impaired sense of judgment, a shared paranoia, a delusional thought process, poverty of reasoning, comfort in isolation and a flat affect despite all the trauma and pain around him,  I am tempted to think that Osama could indeed be suffering from schizophrenia. He  was certainly not a Che Guevara, a man behind the gun, which his sponsors loved to present him as. Terrorism seems to be a tactic too advanced for him. All actual acts of terror that are being attributed to him, from the presentation of his filthy living situation, he seems incapable to have planned. That is what I make of him from the videos that he left for us to see. It is amazing how schizophrenics, Hitler and Osama, serve as a catalyst for an organization whose fundamental belief happens to be hate. Civilized world has to kill them to survive.

Hate speaks its own language. It is the language of failure, the language of violence and of suicidal vengeance. We Americans have failed badly at understanding the losers. Our response has been to speak in kind.

Brute force will never be the answer.

To quite a few Americans, America seems  ‘becoming more and more the very monster which it is attempting to fight.’

Muslims need education. Education alone is the answer but only if education is directed towards emancipating them from their pagan rituals and magical beliefs. Muslims need to think realistically and join the human race. If their leaders had read the Message of Quran, this great secular Message could have enabled Muslims to join the human race.

The Islamic world is a dark deep world of ignorance. It is the religion of Zoroastrians and Medieval Christians thriving under the garb of Islam.  Muslims are far far away from the Light which was lit by Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) the Greatest and the noblest man that ever lived.  He liberated pagans from superstitious rituals of worship and established a glorious system of government that gave its citizens an equal opportunity to thrive under the One Law of God. Muslims have no idea of the Light which is in The Quran.  Even their ‘enlightened’ fail to emancipate themselves from the Dogma of Worship and all the magical beliefs associated with its perfection. It is ‘worship’ that blinds them. It is ‘worship’ that divides them.

Quran is Islam’s only hope.

The Islamic world awaits its Liberators: The Al-Muttaqeen.