Islamic Centers: ‘Buildings built on the brink of a crumbling precipice.’

Asarul’Islam Syed’s weekly lecture from Shalimar Radio, Los Angeles

The Masjid functioned as the prime headquarter of the Islamic State. All schools, offices, hospitals and buildings of the Islamic State were called a Masjid.

What is not a Masjid ? A building used for superstitious religious rituals. Such Masjids become the home of Terrorism.

The Quran condemns such Masjids.

August 8, 2009 Lecture 1-august82009


Conspiracies against Islam: From Qadian to Taliban

On 4th of June, 1858, John Bright, one of the greatest orators in the British House of Commons, raised a question: “How long does England propose to govern India? Nobody can answer that question. But, be it 50 or 100 or 500 years, does any man with the smallest glimmering of common sense believe that so great a country, with its 20 different nationalities, and 20 different languages, can ever be bound up and consolidated into one compact and enduring empire confine? I believe such a thing to be utterly impossible.”Read full Article in PDF format