Conspiracies against Islam: From Qadian to Taliban

On 4th of June, 1858, John Bright, one of the greatest orators in the British House of Commons, raised a question: “How long does England propose to govern India? Nobody can answer that question. But, be it 50 or 100 or 500 years, does any man with the smallest glimmering of common sense believe that so great a country, with its 20 different nationalities, and 20 different languages, can ever be bound up and consolidated into one compact and enduring empire confine? I believe such a thing to be utterly impossible.”Read full Article in PDF format

14 thoughts on “Conspiracies against Islam: From Qadian to Taliban

  1. I think article is written by someone who lives in dreams and rely his knowledge of discussions in living rooms. I suggest try to correct your imagination and fairly tails with good history books. Go through the news papers of the times and see what was happening at that time.

  2. Ehtesham Qamar says:

    An extremely nice article and very well said. I admire the depth of your knowledge and the perfect timing as Muslims all around the world badly need such an analysis at this crucial time.

    However I would disagree on one small sentence at the end. You said “Unless the Taliban are declared non-Muslims, like the Ahmadis, there is no solution”. What we need to remember is that Taliban movement as it stands today is a sort of guerrilla movement now. Like any guerrilla movement all its support comes from the local population. The reason Taliban exist today despite their horrific pagan shariah practices is that they derive support from the local masses. Remember Israel. They have one of the best trained and perhaps the most ruthless army in the world today. Despite all their efforts they cannot eliminate the suicide bombers because they fail to address the root cause of the problem. Simply declaring Taliban non-Muslims is not enough. We need to educate the local population. Not an easy solution. What they need is education, development and security. This will take at least one or perhaps two generations and then Taliban will die a natural death as their supply routes will automatically choke off. Pakistan has failed miserably in all these three areas and we are reaping the fruits of our own seeds.

  3. QuraGirl says:

    An excellent article, indeed. Very thought provoking. I have yet to read something that speaks of the degeneration of Islam this thoroughly.

  4. QuraGirl says:

    @Jalal ul Deen

    You wrote: “I think article is written by someone who lives in dreams and rely his knowledge of discussions in living rooms. ” Who is a bigger dreamer than one who thinks that their interpretation of Islam qualifies him as the true and final messenger of Islam after Mohammed?

  5. Lutf says:

    what a daft comparison!. The British wanted to subjugate India through unification right? so how come a “prophet” unite a whole nation. History of religions confirms that prophets divide nations during their life times. i.e., believers vs non-believers. Secondly, the same British had already started their attempts to bring India in line with their world view by sending christian missionaires to India. India was teeming with missions of all christian denominations in the 19th century and number of indigenous converts was growing every year. If it wasn’t for the founder of Ahmadiyya community, India would have been a christain country like most of Africa. Secondly, why on earth a British sponsored prophet “kill” Jesus who was resurrected and sits on the right hand of God?

    You just can not compare the Ahmadiyya movement with the Talibs and their likes. Try looking at the reason you wanted to find the comparison. You hate Taliban as much as the Ahmadis. So you dragged them both into one silly equation to support your conspiracy theories. You have your opinions on the violent, hate mongering fundamentalist organizations, and yes, I agree that they need to be dealt with by the muslims. But Ahmadiyya movement stands against these mullahs, and the Dajjal. Infact the Ahmadis believe that mullahs and dajjal are two sides of the same coin. And Dajjal is the civilization influenced and corrupted by the false christian beliefs. You have a lot to learn before you cook another of your theories.

  6. Lutf says:

    Besides, this website is named after MA Jinnah, the great leader. He chose an Ahmadi as his first foriegn minister.

  7. Asar says:

    @Lutf – I do not hate the Ahmedis nor the Maudoodites, the Shi’ites, the Wahabbites. I cannot hate the sick but I do abhor disease. Sadly, fundamentalist movements amongst Muslims were sponsored by Anglo-Imperialist, only to divert Muslims away from the reawakening of the revolutionary socio-political Islam— To establish a government that distributes food and wealth based on the law of God.
    We have failed to even think in this direction because we were diverted into meaningless debates about religious rituals that have no bearing on life and which have become ‘the be all and the end all’ for Muslims.

  8. Lutf says:

    There is no debate about ritual and form within the Ahmadiyya muslims or even against the orthodox mainstream. Socio-political theo-revolution was the same idea presented by Maudoodi or Syed Qutb. Muslim should worry about the spiritual revolution. If the sense of morality and compassion is corrected among muslims, their societies will change themselves.

    Also, remember that Qaide Azam, in whose name this site has been created trusted an Ahmadi Sir. Zafrulla with matters of vital importance to Pakistan.

  9. Lutf says:

    Maulan Mir Hasan, a well respected personality among the Tolue Islam circles said about the founder of Ahmadiyya community.

    “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib came to the defence of Islam at a time when even the greatest scholar of the Faith could not dare to confront the opponents.”

    (Monthly Nigar, Lucknow, India, October 1960)

    “What I have studied so far of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, and not only me but anyone who studies his life and character sincerely and truthfully, will have to concede that he was a lover of the Holy Prophet, in the true sense, and had within him a sincere urge for the cause of Islam.”

    (ibid., July 1960)

    In a subsequent issue of the same monthly, the following comment appears about Hazrat Mirza:

    “I found him to be a believer in the finality of prophethood, and a lover of the Holy Prophet in the true sense. When I studied the life of Mirza sahib, I found that he was certainly a very active, resolute and determined man. Having understood the true spirit of religion, he presented the same practical teachings of Islam as are to be found in the time of the Holy Prophet and the early Khalifas.”

    (ibid., November 1961)

    “Sadly, we did not appreciate him. I just cannot describe his spiritual accomplishments. His life was not that of ordinary men, nay, he was one of those persons who are the chosen servants of God and who appear but rarely.””

  10. sami says:

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