Liberating the Hijacked Islam

Unlike the newborn lamb, which at the time of its birth, is already what it ever will be— a lamb, the human being is born with an immense potential to grow and ‘be’. We continue to grow, change, and ‘be’ till the last breath of our lives, whereas a lamb is already a lamb on the first day of its life. A lamb cannot ‘be’ anything else but a lamb. A human being can develop its realizable potentials or can waste them. The more a mind is into rational thinking the more it potentials are realized, leading to achievement, happiness and prosperity. The healthy human ‘self’, continues to grow and develop throughout life, actualizing its potentials. As more experience is added, more learning occurs and the human personality formulates and acquires Wisdom. A continuous attainment of education manifests itself in the individual acquiring a greater sense of judgment and a better insight about self, the environment, the society and the world that we live in. Those who continuously make bad choices and follow the path of least resistance, end up having minds that are unchallenged, left in an arrested state of development. The ultimate path of least resistance is a belief in miracles and magical happening. The Devil of lethargy takes over. The end result is a self-righteous individual who is an under achiever, yet lives in a delusional world of ‘all is well’. Such individuals react against the society.

The human appetite for religion and superstition is one of the most primitive of our traits. Wonderfully described by William James, the American neurologist in his classic, ‘A Variety of Religious Experiences’, 1902, this book gives us a deep insight into the religious mind. William James gives us an objective insight into various religious experiences and was perhaps the first in modern times to consider an organic basis for the religious state. The belief that salvation comes through pain and suffering is a denominator, common to all religions. The experiences are not subjective or limited to any particular cult or religion. Essentially all religions and cults manifest this condition. The religious man is a survivor from an environment that inhibits freethinking. Whether it is imprinted or imposed by conditioning, the religious person feels most comfortable in an environment where the status quo is worshipped and progress condemned. The opposition and defiance to freedom of thought is a cultural state. The ‘Thought Police’ of the Clergy or the Mullahs ensures that all doors to progressive thinking stay shut.

In contrast, the healthy human brain thrives delightfully in an environment of logic and reason. Nothing is more delightful to the healthy brain than deductive reasoning and logic. The hurdles of arithmetic and geometry, when solved, bring forth a joy that no other human experience equals. Similarly nothing is more traumatic to the human mind than absurdities. Censure of the human intellect at its earliest stages of growth and conforming it to accept absurd and illogical ideas is a highly traumatic experience. If unchecked, it leads to the creation of a religious fanatic. Religious fanatic are psychopaths who have suffered severe insults and abuse of their intellect. There can be no greater trauma and abuse inflicted upon the human brain than the imposition of dogma and illogical concepts. An accommodative approach towards blind acceptance of illogical ideas and beliefs, suppresses a mind’s natural growth. It creates a storm in the neuronal circuits of the human brain. The post-traumatic state has deep effects on our neurochemistry. Chronic abuse secondary to persistent exposure to absurdity sets the mind into a functional dys-equilibrium. The human mind finally succumbs. It identifies with its abuser. Like every other abuse, this creates a serious neuro-chemical dysfunction. This has several psychological manifestations. Opposition and defiance to the norms of the society reflect in their dress and appearance. A beard, a Hijab, dressing up like a priest, wearing signs or stickers, are indeed symptoms, which are a scream for help. Perhaps this is a healthy reaction against intellectual abuse. If there is no help available for cognitive change, these unresolved conflicts turn the mind into a volcano.

3 thoughts on “Liberating the Hijacked Islam

  1. shahida mazhar says:

    Dear Doctor Asarulislam Syed Sahib
    As-salam-mu-laikum: You wrote: “Did you know that first Islamic State, founded by Muhammad, was based on the same ideals of equality and justice, on which a thousand years later, The United States of America was founded?”
    And I completely endorse it, and the explanations you have given, to understand Quranic facts have given me great hope once again. I have only recently read your articles, and message, and endorse your approach and mission and say : Jazak Allah may Allah Bless you-Ameen
    I too want to understand and become a part of the Muslim Renaissance today, by understanding the rise of Islam in the 7/8/9th centuries, it is one of the most important events in world history. As it led to the development of the modern day world.
    Once Muslims scholars understood the value of research, and invented & understood the fundamentals of the universe. But perhaps most important of all they pursued the cause of knowledge, translating and preserving the works of the ancients and building the world’s largest libraries – their quest for knowledge by questioning known as the ‘houses of wisdom’ laid the foundation for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. I believe this started the Age of Christian or Western Renaissance.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Thanks Ms. Shahida Mazhar Sahiba.
    Aik ik kar ke hua jaatey hain tarey Raushan
    Teri Manzil ki taraf mere Qadam Aatey hein

  2. shahida mazhar says:

    Islam’s final message was the redemption of all earlier messages, through Muhammad [SAW]’s recorded in the Quran. But today the Muslims themselves have hijacked Muhammad [SAW]’s Islam, and made it into a priesthood.
    I have been protesting against it, I read the Quran, and it reaffirms, the fact, that Muhammad [SAW]’s mission was to revolt against priesthood, of mecca, 14,00nyears ago.
    It was a revolt against prevalent traditions, and liberated the human spirit, and addressed Men and Women simultaneously. The last sermon of Hajj further strengthens your topic ‘Liberating the Hijacked Islam’
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Thanks Ms. Shahida Mazhar Sahiba.
    Aik ik kar ke hua jaatey hain tarey Raushan
    Teri Manzil ki taraf mere Qadam Aatey hein

  3. shahida mazhar says:

    Surah Ra’ad
    “God will not change the condition of a people
    until they first change what is wrong in their hearts”

    Look at history, and learn from previous ideas even questioning them, if those ideas/theories were true than questioning them would not change anything as the truth can stand any questions.

    For example Galileo came up with the truth, because he questioned the ideas of authority, but Newton a great scientist, questioned Galileo, but Newton’s ideas were questioned by Einstein.

    Similarly all the Prophets questioned oppressive authority of their times. Quran is full of their examples; let’s take a look at how Abraham [pboh] questioned the prevalent ideas of his forefathers:

    Al Quran: 6 -76 -79: “When the night covered him over, He saw a star: He said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when it set, He said: ‘I love not those that set. ‘When he saw the moon rising in splendour, he said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when the moon set, He said: ‘unless my Lord guides me, I shall surely be among those who go astray. ‘When he saw the sun set he said: O my people I am indeed free from your [guilt] of giving partners to Allah. For me, I have set my face firmly and truly, towards him, who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I give partners to Allah”

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