Liberating the Hijacked Islam

Or imagine the rain laden cloud in the sky, with darkness, thunder and lightening , and they insert their fingers into their ears to avoid the terrifying death from being struck with lightening! An attitude of indifference towards the laws of Allah has similar encompassing dimensions whether these religious persons reject or deny these laws. 2:19
[yakaadul baraqqo yakhtafo absa’areyhim kullamaa aadua’alahum mashow feehey wa iza azlamma aleyhim qaamo wa lao sha’allaho la zahaba bey sammeyhim wa absa’areyhim . in nallaha ala kulle shaiyin qadeer.]

When lightening flashes in the sky a curtain shuts off the vision. In this momentary brightness one may walk a few steps but then has to stop because of the darkness that ensues immediately. The religious persons, similarly, as a result of their persistent refusal to appreciate the significance of The Laws of Allah, have been blinded by their false beliefs. They have lost the ability to perceive and see. Indeed the Laws of Allah encompass everything. 2:20

Do you see how wonderfully the Quran describes the Religious Fundamentalists who in the garb of religion, exploit mankind? Indeed this is just
one paragraph from the first two or three pages of this Glorious Book. The entire program of the Quran is miraculously amazing. The Quran challenges those who reject its authenticity to come forth with a superior program than what it presents. Here is a program of economic justice and equilibrium encompassing all spheres of life. In essence, the Quran provides the fundamental basis of a program for the establishment of peace and happiness in the world. It calls its program ISLAM, meaning PEACE. It reveals to us that Jesus and Moses and Abraham and Noah were all provided with precisely similar revelations in order to establish God’s Order of Peace,[ Thy Kingdom come. ] Their Program, according to the Quran too, was ISLAM or establishment of PEACE. That is exactly how the Quran describes Jesus in a full chapter devoted to his life and mission and at several other places. The Quran tells us how such previous revelations in the Bible and the Torah had provided guidance to mankind.

The Quran exposes these vultures, the fundamentalists, that thrive in the name of God. It describes the journey of mankind from an initial state of eternal happiness , how out of vested interests and temporary gains, these fundamentalists transformed the revelations to suit their ego, and instead of establishment of a the Kingdom of God , this altered Bible established Christianity as an Organized Religion, a kingdom of ceaseless exploitation, how this exploitation engulfed the world and how all religions were made, splitting mankind into schisms and groups. All Mankind is One Nation, declared the Quran fourteen centuries ago. One Nation under God, declares the American Pledge today. What a lovely coincidence!!!

Religious fundamentalism is a highly complex mental state. It thrives on hatred and ignorance. When people ask me how old is the Islamic Religion, I reply, it is perhaps only about 300 years old or so. This I say because , fourteen hundred years ago, what Mohammed had preached was not a Religion. His teachings were indeed the most powerful blow to the very foundations of Religion. Religion thrives on ambiguity and miracles. Mohammed declared that in this Universe there is One set of Laws that governs the Universe. These laws are Universal and would not change for anybody no matter what magical words or mumbo jumbo he utters or what rituals he engages in. Mohammed delivered mankind from superstitious beliefs through education and reasoning. Mohammed’s ideology of a One Allah,

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  1. shahida mazhar says:

    Dear Doctor Asarulislam Syed Sahib
    As-salam-mu-laikum: You wrote: “Did you know that first Islamic State, founded by Muhammad, was based on the same ideals of equality and justice, on which a thousand years later, The United States of America was founded?”
    And I completely endorse it, and the explanations you have given, to understand Quranic facts have given me great hope once again. I have only recently read your articles, and message, and endorse your approach and mission and say : Jazak Allah may Allah Bless you-Ameen
    I too want to understand and become a part of the Muslim Renaissance today, by understanding the rise of Islam in the 7/8/9th centuries, it is one of the most important events in world history. As it led to the development of the modern day world.
    Once Muslims scholars understood the value of research, and invented & understood the fundamentals of the universe. But perhaps most important of all they pursued the cause of knowledge, translating and preserving the works of the ancients and building the world’s largest libraries – their quest for knowledge by questioning known as the ‘houses of wisdom’ laid the foundation for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. I believe this started the Age of Christian or Western Renaissance.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Thanks Ms. Shahida Mazhar Sahiba.
    Aik ik kar ke hua jaatey hain tarey Raushan
    Teri Manzil ki taraf mere Qadam Aatey hein

  2. shahida mazhar says:

    Islam’s final message was the redemption of all earlier messages, through Muhammad [SAW]’s recorded in the Quran. But today the Muslims themselves have hijacked Muhammad [SAW]’s Islam, and made it into a priesthood.
    I have been protesting against it, I read the Quran, and it reaffirms, the fact, that Muhammad [SAW]’s mission was to revolt against priesthood, of mecca, 14,00nyears ago.
    It was a revolt against prevalent traditions, and liberated the human spirit, and addressed Men and Women simultaneously. The last sermon of Hajj further strengthens your topic ‘Liberating the Hijacked Islam’
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Thanks Ms. Shahida Mazhar Sahiba.
    Aik ik kar ke hua jaatey hain tarey Raushan
    Teri Manzil ki taraf mere Qadam Aatey hein

  3. shahida mazhar says:

    Surah Ra’ad
    “God will not change the condition of a people
    until they first change what is wrong in their hearts”

    Look at history, and learn from previous ideas even questioning them, if those ideas/theories were true than questioning them would not change anything as the truth can stand any questions.

    For example Galileo came up with the truth, because he questioned the ideas of authority, but Newton a great scientist, questioned Galileo, but Newton’s ideas were questioned by Einstein.

    Similarly all the Prophets questioned oppressive authority of their times. Quran is full of their examples; let’s take a look at how Abraham [pboh] questioned the prevalent ideas of his forefathers:

    Al Quran: 6 -76 -79: “When the night covered him over, He saw a star: He said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when it set, He said: ‘I love not those that set. ‘When he saw the moon rising in splendour, he said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when the moon set, He said: ‘unless my Lord guides me, I shall surely be among those who go astray. ‘When he saw the sun set he said: O my people I am indeed free from your [guilt] of giving partners to Allah. For me, I have set my face firmly and truly, towards him, who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I give partners to Allah”

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