9 thoughts on “Sal-Sabeel—Islam’s system of social welfare and security

  1. Hamza (Norway) says:

    Salam, great speech, mashallah ๐Ÿ™‚
    but one thing I disagree with you is about the way you describe USA. You said There is “Jhannah” in USA, Captalism and Riba is dominating there, HOW CAN you call them for the system of Jhannah ( Islam) ?

    I really like the way you interpret the holy quran, but I dont like the way you make fun of religious people. Because when you tease them, I got the feeling of “takkabbur” in you. I don’t believe in religion, but I only believe DEEN Islam. But I dont make fun of them.

    ” Do not insult the idols they set up besides God.,, ” 6:108

    “Since good and evil cannot be alike, repel evil words and deeds in a decent manner. And, behold, he, between whom and you was enmity, may become a true friend!” 41:34

    Allah says ” Call to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation. Reason with them most decently. Your Lord is best Aware of him who strays from His Path, and He is best Aware of the upright. ” 16:125

    Sir you are doing a great job , may God bless you and help ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am sorry if I said something wrong.
    Hamza ( Norway)

    1. Asarulislam says:

      Dear Hamza: Thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree with you. Yes, my attitude about religious people is harsh and my language at times seems vitriolic. My intention is to challenge them. I assure you I have not the least bit of Takkabur in myself. Iqbal said, ” Nawa Ra talkh tar mi zan chu Zauq e Naghma Kamyaabi “—“Make your tone harsh and bitter because people are asleep and have lost taste for soft words.” I am not insulting any idols. I am busting them. They say Ali and the Prophet were foremost in doing that. They say, in a battle for Tabuk, Ali cut off the head of a ‘religious leader’, then marched in circles in the battlefield with such victorious grace that some of the Prophet’s comrades complained to the Prophet saying, ‘This reflects of takabbur.’ The Prophet replied, “Of all styles of a man’s gait, it is this gait of The Momin which Allah loves most.”
      The Quran itself uses very strong language for the ‘Lip-Service Worshippers’. In Surah 77, Al-Mursalaat, the sentence, Wailun Yauma-e-Zin Lil Mukazzebeen, is repeated 10 times. It means….’Shame on the Lip-service worshippers that denounce the law of God’. These murderers are propagating hate, killing people, bombing innocent civilians. The Quran’s verse…’Allah does not like public utterance of hurtful speech except of the one who has been a victim of injustice. [Al-Nisa 148]
      Thanks for your delightful feedback. Please keep guiding me whenever. (I will try being soft, but you have no idea how deeply I feel the hurt they have given to mankind)

  2. Israrul Haque says:

    Janab Asaur Sb
    I heard your lecture you have distinguished between Deen and Madhab which is the foremost requirement of solving the current issues and problems. I have few reservations what have you said about the rates of zakah i.e. 2.5% for the purification of your wealth.As per the Islamic Juriprudence even if we follow this minimum benchmark I have a strong conviction that we will be able to alleviate poverty and by further applying strict economic rules of removing interest will be able to establish sal sabeel

  3. sirajuddin Anwar says:

    janab Asarul islam

    I heard your lecture on sura mulk and found it very rational and true to the meaning of the quran and I am sure that your message will reach every corner of the world.

  4. sirajuddin Anwar says:

    Janab Asarul Islam
    I heard your lecture on sura mulk and found it very rational and true to the meaning of the quran and I am sure that your message will reach every corner of this subcontinent may Allah bless you.


  5. shamskhan says:

    Dear Brother in Islam,ASA,Ur lectures r appropriate n r the necessity of the time.I m 76 yrs old n have found 3 practices performed in the name of Islam r very vulgar.
    1. Deploring the grandchildren from the property of their late father,who died when his father was live.
    2.Talaaq in one sitting.
    3.Halala (which is the most shameful experience 4 a woman),not practised in the whole world.Have u any lecture on these burning topics.

  6. Shahzad Akhtar says:

    Dr. Sahib: Great work! Long live! Keep on doing good work. Your voice will bring a change in our society. How long will the Qu’ran be made mahjoor (to be placed under the shackles/chains)? It will definitely come out with its true spirit. Humanity will meet with its fruits.

  7. M. Ali says:

    Dear Sir

    I am honored to come across your website. However I feel lost as I am not a Pakistani and cannot understand Urdu. I wanted to hear your lectures and writings but most are in Urdu. Is there anywhere I can get a translation in English?

    Thank you.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Dear Ali: Thanks for your comment. There are several youth, including my own children that have repeatedly asked me for English Quran Lectures. I shall sure comply.

  8. khadija says:

    dear i live in pakistan from lahore.dear your lecture is heart touching

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