5 thoughts on “Surah Al- Mulk Lecture III………From SHALIMAR RADIO LOS ANGELES

  1. Assalamu alaikum

    A friend of mine Talat Hashmi from hyderabad deccan recommended me to listen this program, which I like it very much. Al hamdu lillah. May Almighty Allah bless you all with His choicest blessing. Ameen

    Best Regards

  2. Shahzad Akhtar says:

    Dr. Syed Asarul Islam Sahib:

    Words are failing me. I do not know how to appreciate you. Your work will become a wild-fire. The Qu’ran has to be snatched from the hands of Mullahs/Ulamahs (the lost lot). It is to be given to people (understanding the character and structure of the universe) with post-doctorate degrees so that they may propagate its right spirit available in its words, as you are doing (uplifting of common mass scattered around the world with dignity, nourishment and amenities of life).

    Boy: Live long!!!

    My salutations (hat off) to Shalimar Radio Producers. What a great job you are doing!!!

    I am sending you my message from Lahore.

  3. Shahzad Akhtar says:

    Dr. Sahib:

    What a dramatic stage you have conducted: “Kaliya (Mullah/Pir – the religious engineers/doctors): tera kiya banei gha?” Sholae (The Qu’ran – a Super Hydrogen Bomb which is going to explode in the institutions of priesthood/capitalism/land-mafiaism/administration – a set of ruling elite).

    The DAY is not far off. You the blood suckers, you the stigma of disgrace on the face of humanity: how long will you keep on doing this thing with the poor lot like me? Scores are to be settled with you. In your houses, our hands will be to burn you (to annihilate you) from the face of the earth. By doing so, then the real march of humanity will start to over-power the universe by opening MITs/Harvards/Oxfords/Cambridges in every street to uplift the common lot scattered on all available continents of the earth. (The dream of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan/Al-Mashriqi/Iqbal/Parvez/Dr. Shabiir Ahmed/Dr. Asarul Islam/Shalimar Radio Producers). Let us build a Scientific Community. Let us understand the character and structure of the universe. Let us become the student of astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, physics, chemistry (all branches of physical science). In this way, we can get rid of priest class. There is no other way out. The Qu’ran is for the Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician/Technologist/Biologist.

  4. Suleman Ahmad sial says:

    dr.sb you r great personlity

  5. Hamid Sharif says:

    I would like to followup your regular programe.

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