Visual Metaphors reveal Quran’s Message of Equality & Social Justice

“God is not shy to use metaphors of insects or of highers forms of life to explain His Message. The Pioneers who believe in the success of Quran’s ideology get the Message being conveyed though these metaphors but those whose are in a state of denial about the realities of Life, ask: ” What could God mean by these?” Many deliberately misguide themselves and many attain enlightenment. Nobody misinterprets God’s Message but those who suffer from an elitist mentality, who believe in social classes and who divide mankind into religions. ‘


20 thoughts on “Visual Metaphors reveal Quran’s Message of Equality & Social Justice

  1. Damon says:

    @liaqat khan

    Beautiful words of wisdom Liaqat Khan.

    Allah (SWT) Hafiz,

  2. liaqat khan says:

    Dr. Asarulislam: You are doing a tremendous job on Qur’anic studies and spreading the message of light in the world. It is our duty to read the Qur’an and understand it according to our own capacity.If any one of us attains knowledge or understanding of the Qur’an by study or contemplation,both outward and inward, it is one’s duty,according to one’s capacity to instruct others,and share with them the joy and peace which resulted from contact with the spiritual world. The Qur’an is to be read, not only with the tongue, voice and eyes, but with best light that our intellect can provide,and even more,with the trust and purest light which our heart and conscience can give us. It is in this spirit that one would like the listeners to approach the Qur’an.

  3. khawaja Haider says:

    Why dont u live in Pakistan? Thats the most basic question i would ask! You want to rebuild a place you don’t choose to live? Wake up, its the 21st century and people living here have the intellect to decide what’s best for them. I am not praising our current leaders but please don’t bring that old school stuff with us…just collect your monthly old citizen benefits from the council and leave Pakistan alone!
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: I can see how angry you are Khawaja Sahib, my brother, at the State of Affairs in Pakistan. There are over 7 million Pakistanis that have chosen to live abroad and are remitting $8 Billion every year to their motherland. Pakistan’s economy, which is forecast to grow as much as 3% this year, remains heavily dependent on donor aid to plug a budget deficit estimated at 5.1% of gross domestic product.
    I don’t know what is the ‘old school stuff’ that you are referring to. Also, I am not collecting any ‘old citizens’ benefits in the US. There is no such thing here. My wife and I are amongst the highest paid class of medical professionals in the US. This blessing is from Allah (SWT) alone. As our obligation and duty to Allah (SWT), who has given us everything, we support several families in Pakistan through our humble contributions. We will never abandon Allah (SWT) and His people, be they Americans, Christians or Jews, and we shall never ‘leave Pakistan alone.’

    Pakistani Muslims are two groups. Chatterboxes and Do’ers. Chatterboxes are loud and everywhere. They are the majority that need hope to be channelized. The Do’ers are a small number that will take the lead. Let me clarify my mission. We have started a world wide movement which shall be further activated through a series of conventions finally culminating in the creation of The New Islamic Caliphate. We plan to take over Pakistan by setting up, at first, a full scale Government of Pakistan, in abstentia,. We need committed individuals whom Pakistanis will embrace wholeheartedly. Such a government is the only answer to bring an end to world wide violence and terrorism.

    Never challenge those who have faith in success of the Laws of Allah (SWT), who have seen such success, and who pray and dream during the day. Never try to thwart our efforts. Allah (SWT) is on our side brother.

  4. mansoor says:

    hazrat ap ne bahut achi clearification kiya hai law of nature ke liken sawal ye hai k har insan ko jeenay ka haq hai liken us k liye b Allah (SWT) rub ul izat ne ek tareeqa bataya hai jesay k kalmay k do joz hai ek
    kalmay ka pahla joz sekaty hai hum ko
    maqsad ye hai k Allah (SWT) se honay ka yaqeen aur makhloq se kuch na honay ka yaqeen
    dosra joz hum ko sekaty hai nabi kareem salal lahu wa alay he wasalam k tareeqo mea dono jaha ke kamyabi hai aur ghairo k tareeqo mea dono jahan ke nakamy ka yakeen humray dilo mea ajaye
    alhumdulilah hum sab musalmano ne ye kalma padha hai ab hum apne 24 hour ke zindgii mea dekhay k hum Allah (SWT) TALLAH k kitnay hukmo ko pura kartay hai aur kitno ke nafarmany kartay hai
    aur ap ne zindgi pe zara ghour karlay k hum nabi kareem s.a.w ke kitnay tareqo ko zinda kartay hai
    insan ke kamyabi Allah (SWT) ne deen mea raky hai aur nabi s.a.w. k tareeqo mea raky hai ap jo information de rahay hai wo bahut umda hai liken ap khud nabi kareem s.a.w k tareeqo par kitna amal kartay hai is k baray mea zara soucheye
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Phool sirf khiltay hain, khilkhilatey hain, aur jo kuch woh zameen say letay hain, us say ziyada zameen ko day jaatay hain.

  5. Tahir Quadri says:

    Ma’Sha’Allah (SWT)! Dr. Sahib. May Allah (SWT) grant you a long life with excellent health.
    I wait for the new contents in your website very anxiously. It is like someone is waiting for his/her ‘mehboob’ like ‘crazy’ :). I have to admit that I have went through this experience before. This is my second experience of such a caliber. More than 20 years ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Shabbir Ahmad used to publish a single piece of paper called ‘KehKashan’. If you fold it, it turned into 4 pages. But, WOW, that was the wealth of the intellectuals. Dr. Shabbir knows a majic because he does ‘darya ko chakoze main band kar dena’.

    May Allah (SWT) Bless you ALL
    Tahir Quadri, NJ

  6. Damon says:

    Peace, Prosperity and Safety upon You All.

    This certainly sounds like something I’d definitely be interested in hearing or reading. Is there anyone here who can give a summary or gist of the lecture in English (for those of us who do not understand Urdu but are still interested in Dr Asarul Islam’s ideas and interpretations)?

  7. javaed says:

    a great message from our Lord with a refreshing backdrop in the roaring voice of Dr.Asarulislam-truely understandable as said by Allah (SWT) “yassarnal qura’ana”! thanks to Dr.Asarulislam sahab for rendering such a nice easily understandable interpretation. appreciably great work!
    Allah (SWT) will definitely reward your efforts!
    javaed durrani

  8. Uzma Vohra says:

    Sir i am very inspired to see this page because Quaid-e-Azam is the great leader among all leaders whose seen by me i try my best to follow Quaid’s rules in my life.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Ms. Vohra: Thanks for looking up to Quad’s ideals. He was a visionary and a truly great leader.

  9. qura says:

    it seems the laws of nature and laws of the universe are the laws of Quran, then. “one law”.

    very nice…..

    thank you.

  10. Cassius Clay says:

    beautiful background! and great message…more power to you brother Asarulislam!
    ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: Thanks Mohammed Ali….

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