New Constitution for Pakistan Project 2017

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan


This project aims to develop a NEW CONSTITUTION for The People of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, based on dictates of reason, in the Light of the Message of The Quran.

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan is a deceitful sham. It has been disgracefully unsuccessful in establishing a ‘rule of law’ and has failed miserably to eradicate poverty. The  completion of this project, is a fundamental right of the People of Pakistan and a fundamental necessity. Look, how beautifully  are Our Goals laid down below:

الَّذِينَ إِنْ مَكَّنَّاهُمْ فِي الْأَرْضِ أَقَامُوا الصَّلَاةَ وَآتَوُا الزَّكَاةَ وَأَمَرُوا بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَنَهَوْا عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ ۗ وَلِلَّهِ عَاقِبَةُ الْأُمُورِ 22:41

From Surah Al-Hajj22:41.

Those whom We have established on in the country must: الَّذِينَ إِنْ مَكَّنَّاهُمْ فِي الْأَرْضِ

أَقَامُوا الصَّلَاةَ do their duty to God, AND

وَآتَوُا الزَّكَاةَ  give funds for emancipation, education, and development of human resources of the country, AND

وَأَمَرُوا بِالْمَعْرُوفِ   AND establish laws and procedures by popular vote, AND

وَنَهَوْا عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ prohibit propagation of superstitious beliefs, magical thinking and superstitious rituals, AND

decide all public matters in accordance with the Law, on behalf of God. وَلِلَّهِ عَاقِبَةُ الْأُمُورِ

Excerpt 22:41 from Asarulislam’s QURAN: A Proclamation of Liberty

REMEMBER: We the People of Pakistan can change Pakistan’s constitution lawfully: Once the Constitution is prepared on the above fundamental Principles of Quran and Civil law we can launch a web movement. Next we can take it to the People of Pakistan for Referendum.

We need the services of talented individuals who can join our Constitution Draft Preparation Team.

If you want to join in, write directly to

We proclaim that Pakistan needs a system of Government that promises to give SAFETY AND SECURITY to its people.  The Arabic word for SAFETY AND SECURITY is ISLAM.

All Great Leaders of Nations have given SAFETY & SECURITY ( Islam) to their Citizens.  

A Country has the right to ACCEPT its Citizens. The Arabic word for those who are accepted is —MUSLIM. Citizens of a country who are yet not accepted by the country are referred to as ALIENS.  A Country reserves the right to banish those whom it will not accept. The Arabic word for those who are UNLAWFUL ALIENS is KAFIR.

We Believe in a One Party Government. The Arabic word for Government is AD-DEEN 

All Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Ahmedis, of any caste color of creed who have been ACCEPTED to live in Pakistan, either by birth or by established lawful immigration are to be Legally Considered as THE ACCEPTED ONES or MUSLIMS irrespective of their Religion or Nationality of origin.  

We Proclaim to Celebrate The Republic of Pakistan, as a Land for All Pakistanis. We Believe in giving equality and equal opportunity to all citizens so that we can prosper and thrive as ONE NATION under the Law of God.

It is the responsibility of The Government to ensure the welfare of everybody. It is the responsibility of The Government to act as a Secular Entity, and to denounce all superstitious rituals and beliefs.

We proclaim and celebrate a God that guarantees to deliver equality and justice to everybody through a Government based on His laws. We foresee, all mankind coming under the One Law of God.

We Believe that eventually there shall be One World Government. We promise to fulfill man’s dream of happiness, peace and prosperity for everybody.

Since SAFETY AND SECURITY of ALL CITIZENS is the ultimate idea that holds the key to the human problem, we believe that only such a Government can deliver mankind from the system of human abuse and exploitation which has turned our world into a living Hell.

We believe that whereas the future happiness and prosperity of the entire human race depends on us, therefore it is imperative to establish a Government that is founded on principles of a transparent democracy.

We believe in and aim to restore and establish The Kingdom of God through principles of SECULARISM. This was ‘the Pakistan idea’ and we need to march towards this goal. There shall be no Mullahs but only Government appointed Magistrates and Civil Servants.  

46 thoughts on “New Constitution for Pakistan Project 2017

  1. Areeba says:

    im ready to commit myself to this cause.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: That is the Momin Spirit. Welcome to Janat Pakistan. Janat begins with commitment.

  2. Z. Akbar says:

    The name is quite ironic because, Quaid-e-Azam never wanted to establish an Islamic state.

    We were found on the name of Islam true, but he never officially endorsed the popular slogan “Pakistan ka Matlab kya”. If you read his speeches, he clearly stated that religion and state be separate. He also stated that he wanted a democratic, secular and parliamentary system based on the British Model. So, to name an Islamic movement on the name of Quaid it isn’t right at all.

    Your intentions might be noble, but people here aren’t thinking logically.

    A few questions regarding Khilafat:
    1. Will one sect ever vote for the Caliph of another sect?
    2. Which sect’s jurisprudence will be implemented?
    3. The Quran guides us on how to live our life and gives us more insight into a society based on morals rather than politics?
    4. How can you guarantee that the Khilafat will be the end to all of muslim’s troubles?

    Look at the mid east, people aren’t happy there under their monarchies and are fighting for democracy. Turkey engaged in a revolution to dispose of the Khilafat. People these days want to chose their leaders. You see people who come into power here don’t serve their people, rather they rule over them. If they start serving their people by just providing them basic services then, it will all be fine.

    You live in the US, the worlds largest democracy and compare the way your leaders behave to ours. They serve you, your courts and police serve you they don’t rule over you. No khilafat is present their. Like I said your thoughts are noble, but the concept of Khilafat can only be acceptable if people are willing to accept each other.

    It is very simple to say Islam is the answer to all problems plaguing society. Please establish some sort of frame work and present it to us. Most of the people here are coming in on the basis of emotion, so you are no different to the political parties. Islam is the solution, but to get skeptics like me on your side, you need to provide me with an authentic framework applicable to society and not only verses from the Quran because everyones interpretation is different. Islam calls for practicality rather than theory.

    I wish you all the best on your cause.

  3. Babar Jahangir says:

    @ Z. Akbar: Very rational & thought provoking words! You have expressed really well. This is a misery that we blindly jump into any new & tempting movement most of the time started emotionally. When emotions die, movement also loses it’s strength. Perpetual failures result in desperation in masses and they are more inclined towards miracles and ‘over-night’ change slogans. May Allah guide us & help us to keep to the right path…
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Allah has indeed guided all of us in His last Message. Only He is helping us. What guidance can be better than the guidance of Quran? We know very well that not everyone is a potential recruit for the cause of Pakistan or ‘The Islam of Prophet Muhammad’. We know that some people may be a poor match for this cause. If you love your life of quiet desperation, peeking through the other side but failing to dismantle the bricks, you can continue living your life.
    I am in search of individuals who are not sleepwalkers. Please read The Quran and see The Light.

  4. Asarulislam says:

    @Z. Akbar – Faith is a very powerful emotion. It moved a nation of 100 million refugees to leave their homelands and create Pakistan. Where would we be if we listened to AbulKalams ?

  5. Z. Akbar says:


    Faith is indeed a very powerful emotion, but the irony is, for faith to work you need to be united and disciplined in achieving what you want. In a recent poll, 63% of the Pakistani population voted in favor of Islamising the system of governance.

    Everybody from all walks of life has a different interpretation of what an Islamic society is, some would want the Saudi Model which isn’t Islamic at all, even Turkey is an Islamic model with many Islamic teaching entrenched in its judicial and political system. Then there are so many interpretations (Not Translation) of the Quran, some people take it literally while others paraphrase the meaning. I agree with you that we need to establish a system which is based on our culture and religion. The only problem is that each sect is so entrenched in its own beliefs that trying to convince them to even read about others is considered blasphemous in their opinion.

    I honestly want an Islamic system, but not one which benefits one sect over the other as was the case in Zia’s regime. I don’t want a system where women are chained in the house just so that they can be child bearers, I don’t want a system where there are loop holes in the laws, I don’t want a system run by people who were raised in seminaries and I definitely don’t want a system influenced by any of these so called Islamic countries.

    First step is Unity, you need to accept everyone for their faults. You have seen here how people use the Quran as a weapon rather than something for peace. We use it for condemning one another rather than uniting and taking out the commonalities. You need discipline and that can only come if you are united in achieving one cause, and right now people have different causes.

    The Khilafat was a man made system, and a democratic system where the people elected their caliphs, you are a knowledgeable person you will know this.

    A country where different “Azaans” come out from different mosques, doesn’t deserve an Islamic system. Being a muslim is a privilege not a right.
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Respected Sir: You are absolutely right and I deeply appreciate your objective concerns. However, let me say this.
    Our Manifesto is a 1400 old ideology which successfully carved a unified nation out of pagans, Christians, Zoroastrians Jews. We are aware of the dilemmas of sectarianism. A new nation will emerge once again when equality, equal opportunity and justice are rightfully delivered. Sects are of no consequence to a vast majority of Muslims who have been yearning to serve anywhere in the world. Islam has a very powerful unifying Message. Serving under the Law of God and Worshiping imaginary Gods are the TWO DISTINCT IDEOLOGIES which only the FURQAN distinguishes. Since we have never seen a rule of Law we have little Faith in its success. Moses was astounded to see how it could transform a nation. It is the Mosaic Law which has brought success to USA, to Israel and to all Christian nations. Sadly, only the Muslims have been indoctrinated to feel ashamed of the Light, their heritage, which has lit the rest of the world. Please JOIN US and Give Quran a chance. Quran’s Message appeals only to the NON-WORSHIPING Liberals. They astounded the world when they created Pakistan and they shall bring the change.

  6. Hammad Khalid says:

    Assalaamu alaikum

    actually i m totally against of mullaism, i belong to mullaa family but from my teenages, i didn’t wanna become mullaa, i was search the way of right, the way of truth, the platform where i can get the truth Islam, and now from my efforts, i have got a right way by Quran, and i m very indebted to Allah that he send me in the right way, but heart is weltered to do something for mankind, and i wanna do, so in this purpose i m here on this forum, so Syed Asaraul Islam saahab, i wanna ask u to plz tell me about the party, after when i will join it, so what about the security of us, how can we secure from resistance of Mullaas, Quran always says that whenever u wanna do something so first of all u have to make aphoristic decision, then u can take any type of decision, so i would like to answer of this question..

  7. Hammad Khalid says:

    Hi Asarul Islam

    i would like to ask a question to u that how could u define the security of the member of Jannat Party, first of all i would like to say that i wanna join this party so that i can do something for this country, but i have a lot of confusion becoz after it, there will be the great resistance from Mullaas, so in this cause we will be bound in our social society, so what will be the security position of ourselves? and how can we keep secure ourselves and family as well as? what will be the plan for this purpose do u have? kindly give me answer, becoz i m very weltering to do something for Quran and humanity….. but i want some security for me…
    and yes…. for the security i have a plan, why not u can make a youth force for ur party, in this force u could get trained, i think we will be successful if we will have our own security…..

    ASRULISLAM’S COMMENT: The security threat could indeed be real. Use your intelligence and political correctness. Do not antagonize them. Let your Leader break the idols.

  8. yasar ali says:

    salam o name is yasar ali .i have send u a e mail with some and my teacher MIRZA ISHTIUAQE AHMAD who help me and show me the right and bright path of allah almighty through the quran the real law and constitution are ready to help u and urs team if u will contact with us .we will give our full attention to the work of allah almighty.we will wait urs reply.i have already give my cell no on my e mail that i have send u xxxxxxxxxxxxx. note….’ we r bothe pakistani same province punjab and same district sialkot and aslo same city tahseel daska .

  9. Hammad Khalid says:

    Hi Syed Asar-ul-Islam

    I would like to ask u that why u have kept the name of this party in the name of Islam, because, People don’t like Islamic parties, people have seen that Islamic party can’t do any thing for people, they also know that now a days we can make bloodshed in the name of Islam, so i think you should say this party is “Islamic party has been launched”, but you should have say that a party has been launched for all humanity… could u plz clear me about it?
    ASARULISLAM’S COMMENT: Thanks brother for your comment. Islam is for all humanity. Islam is the greatest ideology. But Islam of Peace, Equality and Justice, whose glory is evident in all progressive nations, like USA and nations of Europe, not the Islam of hate. So, take pride in your name. You have a beautiful name. Do not change it for fear of people.

  10. yasar ali says:

    SALAM O ALEKUM.HAMMAD KHALID.dear u make a objection on party name that this is also a islamic party.the other mullas islamic parties give nothing to muslims and other poeples.dear brother one thing u dont know that all mullas parties not baised on the real concepet of quran.if u understand the law of MAKAFAAT of allah almighty then u think the resulte of all kind of mullas padries pandat and the rabbies of jews thay stand on one concepet .what is the concepet .the concepet is this divide and rule.if u know in the histaroy of mankind when ever dactaitores rule on the himainity they punish peoples with their power.but this department of religious peoples like mulla in islam padries in christanity pandits in hinduisam and rabbies in judaisam they all with the dactaitors and taking salary from them.and for all that reasones our MAKAFAAT is wrong.but now the concept of jpp is very clear and based on the quranic law.the law of allah mighty allah not the law of man.i think u know very well the meangis of ISLAM its mean peaece for all humainity not only for muslims.becuase only the quran the law of allah almighty give all humainity sheltter.this system give them eaqual rights.all majore religounes are faile to give peace to humainity including the mullas islam.because the crrunte islam is not the islam of prophet muhmmad.this is the mullas islam and they make wrong interpatation of quran and dear brothers on the system of quranic law will protact u not only u but all mankind.for that syed asar declaere the real islamic party who based on the rael concepet of quran.ok ithink u will think again for any other question leave urs view on web site.i think sir syed asar will answer all kind of urs question ok .you brother YASAR ALI

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